Monday, January 18, 2010

There are different shades to blue. There is a washing-soap blue then there is the sea blue and the sky blue but the one blue that beats all these shades is the Monday-blues for a software engineer.

It’s like the blue haze of the tobacco smoke and these smoke means that there would be fire someplace. The fire is within you. The promise of a vestal breeze pumping from the ceiling fan, the wailing pillows, the guiding wrinkles and the creases of the bed-sheet that draws you back to finish off all your pipe dreams overpowers you.

You suddenly believe in Gandhi and your Braille eyes refuse to look at anything evil or otherwise because by now you would have mastered the art of understanding the raised dots. The sound-sensitive part of the human Bose ear goes blank to the audios as the fondness to the Old man’s deaf monkey and his sign languages becomes your reason for life. You don’t speak but you murmur, you plead and appeal to the almighty for those ten more minutes as if they were the last of your biography.